Adventures in Heels with Leah

Introducing Adventures In Heels with Leah, the progressive, edgy, and sarcastic show that Billings didn't know it needed. Straddling the lunch hour from 11-1 Monday through Friday, Leah brings a fresh perspective to Billings.

Leah is unafraid to delve into controversial topics and pull back the curtain on issues that are often ignored or swept under the rug. With a sharp wit and a deep well of knowledge, she takes on the tough questions and sparks meaningful discussions that keep listeners tuning in day after day. Leah is dedicated to keeping her listeners informed about the latest news and events in their community. From local politics to cultural happenings, she always has her finger on the pulse of what's going on in Billings and beyond.

Meet Leah:

Meet Leah, the sharp and witty host of "Adventures In Heels with Leah." As the oldest of seven siblings, she's no stranger to taking charge and speaking her mind.

Leah has always been passionate about literature and studied English Literature with an emphasis on Gender Studies at the University of Idaho. As one of the youngest radio DJs on air in Billings, she brings a fresh perspective to the world of talk radio.

Originally from San Jose, California, Leah considers herself a true Coeur D Alene, Idaho native. Her parents moved there after the Y2K scare, and she grew up in the scenic town surrounded by natural beauty.

Leah shares her life with her partner and their beloved Karelian Bear Dog, Zoya the Destroyer. When she's not on the airwaves, Leah can often be found exploring Montana's great outdoors, reading a good book, or trying out new recipes in the kitchen. With her quick wit, passion for literature, and infectious personality, Leah brings a unique perspective to "Adventures In Heels with Leah" that listeners can't get enough of.