Leif Welhaven

Leif Welhaven is a Billings native, in fact, most of his immediate family make their home in Billings, MT. Leif graduated from MSU in Bozeman and is a Bobcat for Life! Leif learned about how to lead people and how to communicate with all types of people thru his 15 years of running and managing the Original Dos Machos Restaurant back in its heyday from 1986 thru 2001. Leif then worked for Verizon/Cellular Plus for 15 years where he learned the ins and outs of Sales, Training, and Marketing. 

This is where he learned to embrace Technology and was one of the very first people in the area to own a smartphone and better yet sell the first smartphones to individuals and businesses here in Billings & Beyond. From those 30 years of experience, Leif now brings extensive sales, branding, social media, business development, and business & individual coaching experience to his many clients!

Leif is active in the “Exchange Club” (The Nations Best Service Club) where he serves as the National President-Elect. He helps support and train service clubs and members across the entire US.

In his spare time,

Leif likes to ride his Collectible 99' Harley FXR and spend time with his partner Jennifer and their two Labradoodles: Paris and Milan. Leif has 2 grown children, Colton (28) and Hope (23) Leif is excited to offer Marketing & Motivational services thru his company LW Consulting, where he and his experienced team are committed to taking you and your business to the next level!

When Leif is not "Kickin' IT on 98.5 The World you will find him emceeing at a Fundraiser or Volunteering at one of the many deserving Non-Profits in town where he can share his passion for helping PEOPLE!

Leif's favorite quote is from Teddy Roosevelt: "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care!"

Brett Williamson

Brett is part owner of Roar and Pearl. They install windows, doors, deck, and shower doors. They also do retrofits. That is when you replace windows and doors that are larger than the originals.

Brett always pushes himself to be the best husband, father, business owner, and business partner he can be. He does not know the word quit and always strives to do his very Best!

He hates the word "quit!" Those words mean you quit and someone else has to take over.

Brett knows what he wants and will not compromise. If there is an obstacle, he will go through it, over it, or around it. He loves people and finds fulfillment in helping others find peace, and happiness and reach their dreams.

In his spare time,

Brett loves to golf, training his body to be the best he can be. When time allows he enjoys hunting & fishing!

Brett is also married to his wonderful wife Christine and has boys Brody (15) and Seth (12). When asked what Brett likes best about his business, he stated,

"There is no limit to the success I can achieve. My only limitation is my own thoughts. That is good because I think really BIG!!!!!"

In case you're wondering what is something fun about Brett that someone may not know about him? He likes to Sing when he's Feelin' IT!